July 2023

by Amanda Brandon, NCOPE – NRWA Newsletter Editor

Hi NRWA friends!

Happy July! Grab a cool beverage and sit back for our monthly recap on what’s happening with the NRWA.

IMPORTANT: NRWA Board Nominations are due today!

Amanda Brandon

Amanda Brandon

Our outstanding contributors made my job easy this month. Here’s what we have in store for you.

A few things you’ll see:

  • NRWA DEI Awareness & Response: Bernice Maldonado, Deirdre Rock, and Nancy Grant put together a comprehensive resource for career professionals to help clients with disabilities find roles.
  • Tech Talk is AI-Powered and super helpful this month. Lisa Dupras is a fantastic resource on all things AI and tech. This month, she’s talking about tools to save you time in writing, marketing, and transcription.  
  • NRWA Board Elections: Norine Dagliano put together a great FAQ on the upcoming board elections and how we govern our organization.

As always, if you have ideas or want to be added to the Member Spotlight list, please drop me a line at newsletter@thenrwa.org.

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Feature Article: NRWA Governance & Board Elections FAQ

By Norine Dagliano, NCRW, NCOPE, NRWA Written Communication Chair

The NRWA is the only nonprofit, member-driven resume writers’ organization in the world.

You’ve probably read (or skimmed over) that statement numerous times, as it appears on our website and in our marketing materials. And as a member-driven association, the NRWA relies on volunteers to maintain operations, grow the membership base, spearhead new educational opportunities, and lead future-focused initiatives.

What is the NRWA Board Structure?

At the helm is the NRWA Board of Directors, comprising an elected executive board (President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer), nonelected chairs (Certification, Professional Development, Membership, Marketing, Partnerships, Conference Program, and Written Communications), and six elected Directors of Member Support.

What are the requirements to serve on the NRWA Board?

The minimum qualification to serve on the board is one year of membership in the NRWA. Nonelected chairs of the board will be nominated by the existing board, approved by the executive board, and voted in by at least two-thirds of the board members. There are no term limits for chairs, who are typically reappointed each year by the President, unless they resign, die, or are removed by a majority vote of the board.

The one exception to elected and nonelected board members is the NRWA Certification Chair. The Certification Commission, under the direction of the NRWA Certification Chair, is an autonomous group charged with establishing and maintaining the standard of the NCRW Certification. The Commission is fully funded by the NRWA. Only NCRWs with a minimum of six months of training as a commission grader may be considered for the position of Chair.

The NRWA also has a five-member Advisory Board, led by a chair selected by its members. The Advisory Board serves on an as-needed basis to provide the NRWA president and/or executive board with institutional knowledge, historical context, and expert advice upon request during times of organizational change, emergent conditions, or special circumstance.

When do you elect board members?

The NRWA Bylaws state that we hold elections every year in July for the President-Elect, Secretary, and six Directors of Member Support, and every two years for the Treasurer. This year the board voted to delay elections until August, with nominations now open for President-Elect, Secretary, and six Directors of Member Support. Members are invited to throw their hat in the ring for any of these positions or nominate another member who has confirmed an interest in serving on the board. Nominations close at midnight today, July 14, and voting will take place through Survey Monkey, from August 8 through August 19.

Click here to nominate yourself or another member for the upcoming election.

If you have any questions or concerns about elections, please contact President-Elect, Brenda Cunningham, at president-elect@thenrwa.org.

Where can I learn more about the NRWA Board?

Read more about the current NRWA Board members and access a copy of the 2023 NRWA Board Organizational Chart, at this link.

Tech Talk: Streamline Your Resume Business with AI-Powered Tools

By Lisa Dupras, NCOPE, CPH

The advent of AI has led to many new business tools. As we all know, adding new applications to our “list” is always a balance between time and money. This article will explore tools that can save time and improve results. Application cost, ease of installation, notable features, and complexity of use are also discussed in the article.

BUSINESS NEED: I need a tool for grammar checking AND improving written content.

  • Solution: Save valuable time and money by using Grammarly and Hemingway simultaneously while editing documents. 
  • Cost: Basic Grammarly is free. The business version costs $100/year. Hemingway online is free, and the app is $19.99 to buy.
  • How to get them: https://hemingwayapp.com/ and https://app.grammarly.com/.  
  • What are the tools’ capabilities? Hemingway assists in improving, shortening, and clarifying content to a target grade level. Grammarly identifies and corrects grammatical errors.
  • Complexity: Easy. Log in, copy, and paste the document into Hemingway and start editing. Enable the Grammarly 'G' icon to provide corrections within the document.


BUSINESS NEED: Automated transcription services

  • Solution: Use TLDV (powered by ChatGPT)
  • Cost: 2 hours of free audio per month, then $15/month for 10 hours
  • How to get it: Navigate to the Chrome Store and download Record, Transcribe & ChatGPT for Google Meet. For Zoom meetings, go to https://tldv.io/  and download the app to your desktop.
  • What are the tool’s capabilities?

o   Create transcriptions with Speaker Tags.

o   Timestamp and highlight important call moments.

o   Cut snippets for later use.

o   Share links of recordings to email.
o   Search the call library for any word spoken in meetings.
  • Complexity: Medium/high. After installing the app, a live meeting is created to test the transcription.


BUSINESS NEED: Unique AI images for websites, blogs, social media posts and Google My Business.

  • Solution: Use the Craiyon app for free and Midjourney if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee. You can also search Google for free AI images.
  • Cost: Craiyon allows for 50 free images per month. Midjourney is free for the first 25 images, then $30/month.
  • How to get them: Go to https://www.craiyon.com/ or https://www.midjourney.com/home/.
  • What are the tools’ capabilities? Tools generate unique and creative images not subject to copywriting.
  • Complexity: Low and high! Craiyon is easy to log onto and start using. Midjourney requires joining a Discord server but has some of the best results. With creativity and patience, AI tools can generate amazing images that can improve your brand!


BUSINESS NEED: Leverage AI and templates to save time creating marketing content

  • Solution: Use Copy.ai and Rytr.me together for free plans.
  • Cost: Copy.ai is free for the first 2,000 words per month and Rytr for the first 10,000 characters, then $9/month.
  • How to get them: Go to https://copy.ai or https://rytr.me
  • What are the tools’ capabilities? Blog posts, marketing emails, social media posts, social media captions, video scripts, calls to action, landing page copy, and SEO-driven meta descriptions are a few of the offered content types. Users only need to provide target audience information and content tone, and the copy outputs in the requested format. Rytr has a drop-down list of pre-developed use cases which is very helpful. Rytr can also create interview questions and can extract keywords from a resume.
  • Complexity:  Medium. Content must be in draft or outline format before using the tools.


I’m happy to assist anyone who needs more information about using suggested tools. Contact me at elev8yourcoaching@gmail.com.

Lisa Dupras is a resume writer, career coach, and owner of Elev8 Resumes and Coaching in Lanoka Harbor, NJ. She specializes in helping folks pivot into IT careers. She is NCOPE-certified and offers job search coaching and interview preparation services. Connect with her at LinkedIn.com/in/dupraselev8coaching.

NRWA DEI Awareness & Response: Americans with Disabilities Act Anniversary

By Bernice Maldonado, Consultant & Researcher, NCOPE, NRWA DEI Committee Member
Deirdre Rock, Composed Career LLC, NCRW, NCOPE, CMA
Nancy Grant, Career Strategist, Regional and Employment Services, NRWA Conference Planning Committee Member

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is recognized each year on July 26, in remembrance of the day President George H.W. Bush signed it into law in 1990. This day not only celebrates the anniversary of the ADA but was the first civil rights law that marked the start of positive change in protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

Over time, common barriers such as narrow doors and small bathroom stalls became accessible to wheelchairs. Other changes included Braille signs and crosswalks for the vision impaired. The ADA has motivated changes in the digital space, including new assistive technologies that make accessing legal and health information possible.

According to the Social Security Administration, there are more than 8 million disabled workers in the United States. As professionals in the career services industry, we want people with disabilities to have viable employment available.

The Employment Landscape

Despite progress over the past 33 years, people with disabilities still face challenges such as stereotyping, discrimination, and a lack of accommodations.

  • People with disabilities are less likely to be employed than people without disabilities, according to the Office of Disability Employment Policy.
  • The ADA National Network brings attention to a study, which involved sending mock job applications. The study found that those who disclosed disability (either spinal cord injury or Autism) received 26% fewer expressions of employer interest than applicants who did not include a disability disclosure.
  • The US Census Bureau reports that, as a group, full-time, year-round workers with a disability earn just 87 cents for every dollar earned by those with no disability.
  • People with disabilities may experience both physical and social segregation at work. One study of participants describes how their office places employees with disabilities in “a little corner spot where nobody can see them.” Source: ADA National Network.

How Can We Help?

Career services professionals can play a significant role in helping job seekers with disabilities:

  • Have knowledge of ADA employment rights resources, such as the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission web page that features information and resources dedicated to employment rights for individuals with disabilities.  
  • Be aware that on-the-job accommodations can be simple and free for the employer. The Job Accommodation Network offers an A-to-Z directory of disabilities and gives suggestions for ways to modify positions that work and are appropriate.
  • Have resources available such as associations and nonprofit organizations that support the disability in question. Referring clients to community rehabilitation providers (CRPs) can also help them with their hiring needs. Some CRPs serve targeted local areas, while others have state or national programs. Best Buddies International, for example, is an organization that offers services in 17 states.
  • Share job search websites for job seekers with disabilities so candidates can connect with recruiters. There are many public programs through your local OneStop or Workforce Development office, as well as job boards targeting recruitment for individuals with disabilities. Disability Talent, Ability Jobs, and Recruit Disability are a few that have been around for years.
  • Apply principles of Universal Design (UD) to your career services delivery. Ensure your services and documents are accessible by following the seven principles of UD. One example to support this principle is to audit how you currently deliver your services. This audit will help you ensure your services are accessible to people with a broad range of abilities, disabilities, and other characteristics.
  • Consider special pricing options for clients with disabilities to help them overcome their barriers to employment with robust career tools.
  • Be patient and understanding, and listen carefully, giving the job seeker time to express themselves. Encourage the individual to make their own decisions and if they have someone assisting them, speak directly to the job seeker. Don’t make assumptions about their capabilities or limitations. People with disabilities often have lengthier job searches due to employment gaps and finding a position within their capabilities.

The ADA’s original intent was to improve employment statistics and opportunities for people with disabilities. As career professionals, we can continue supporting the Act's original purpose by educating ourselves on resources that assist job seekers with disabilities. 

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By the numbers for the month of June:

  • 21 new members.
  • 5 new members from the Milwaukee Area Technical College
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