April 2018

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Executive Greeting

Sally McIntosh, NCRW - Certification Chair

According to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, “There is nothing permanent except change.” This certainly seems to be true. Every time I think I understand LinkedIn, it changes. I go to the grocery store, and someone decided to change what is in every aisle. I visit a favorite website, and the site has been completely changed, and I cannot find anything. You get the idea.

With that thought in mind let’s look at the Continuing Education (CE) credits program. Yes, it’s changed— a lot. NCRWs must obtain 15 CEs every three years to maintain their certifications. Starting this year, the date of renewal for everyone will be June 30. If you got your certification before 2016, you must have 15 CEs before June 30. Starting the end of April, the procedure will be automated, so you can start entering your CEs. Once entered, they will be reviewed by The Certification Commission. You only need to enter the topics, presenters, and dates if the credits earned were in-house/offered by the NRWA. If you obtained them elsewhere, you would need a proof of purchase or receipt.

It seems that some NCRWs do not have all 15 CEs, so we are giving all NCRWs until December 31, 2018, to get all 15. Remember, the conference is worth 10, the preconference session is worth 1, and you could pick up the rest of them through our library of older webinars.

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Resume Writers Get Ready to ROAR!

Announcing the NRWA’s annual resume writing competition –
Recognizing Outstanding Achievement in Resumes (ROAR)

Don’t Miss This Incredible Opportunity!

All Entries MUST be Submitted by July 20th.

Winners will be revealed at the NRWA 2018 conference in Seattle.

* Increase Your Credibility *

* Raise Your Visibility *

* Grow Your Business *

* Prove That Your Resumes are Among the BEST of the BEST *

First-place winners in each of the segments and categories will receive:

Step 1: Choose your experience level so your entries will be judged against your peers.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the categories.

Step 3: Select up to three of your BEST resumes representing any industry or profession for each of the two categories (up to six entries per contestant). Fictionalize all names, addresses, and company names and prepare a strategy statement for each entry.

Step 4:  Familiarize yourself with all the guidelines and judging criteria. (http://www.thenrwa.com/ROAR-contest-2018) and submit your entries. Just $20 per entry for members and $40 per entry for non-members.

Register your entries today and get ready to ROAR!

Testimonials from Past ROAR Winners

“The 4 ROAR awards I won in the first couple of years of the ROAR Awards competition, made a tremendous difference in not only my credibility with clients, but also my confidence in charging at the level I am continually told I should be charging. My referrals have soared since winning, to the tune of about 85% of my business; I think my clients get a kick out of having award-winning resumes. Almost all of the new inquiries I receive mention the fact they reached out to me because of my awards. Last, but definitely not least, I place high value on my awards, given the caliber of judges on the ROAR panels. Thank you, NRWA, for providing this opportunity – it has helped me and my business grow in so many ways!” 

-- Lucie Yeomans, Sick Résumés 
ROAR winner, 2016 and 2017

"Winning multiple ROAR awards has been incredibly positive for my business and my confidence! When clients ask to see samples, I steer them to my award-winning online samples (e.g., on the NRWA website), which boosts my credibility tenfold! I’ve landed more clients and sales because of these honors and recognition! Plus, I’ve gained much more respect from my clients when it comes to strategies and advice on their career marketing materials!"

-- Sandra Ingemansen, Résumé Strategies
ROAR winner, 2015, 2016 and 2017

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The Time For Action Is Now!

The Time For Action Is Now!

Every few months, it seems, public image issues rise to the top of the discussions on the elist. Each time, members post messages expressing legitimate concerns about how the public perceives the value of a professionally written resume, what could be a growing trend toward “price deflation,” and a need for professional resume writers to present a united front in educating the public.

Raising the image and visibility of the industry are core to the NRWA mission:

The mission of The NRWA is to increase the visibility of the industry, encourage ethical practices, promote excellence, and raise industry standards through peer marketing and training.

Two years ago, the NRWA formed an ad hoc think-tank committee to brainstorm creative public image solutions and initiatives. Several industry-pioneering initiatives and action plans were the result, and last year the Board of Directors voted to make the Public Image Committee a standing committee, providing the committee with the resources and support needed to turn these creative ideas into reality.

The projects we are working on have the potential to significantly add value to the industry and add extraordinary value to the members of the NRWA!

Now we need your help!

A small core team of volunteers has taken the initiatives to the point of near-launch. Now, we would LOVE to have more enthusiastic volunteers to help us drive our ideas forward and take these initiatives to the next level—with a launch planned before the end of 2018!

The NRWA is comprised of some of the brightest, hardest working, and dedicated professionals in the industry – but unlike other associations, we are a nonprofit, member-driven organization, and almost everything we do is done by volunteers. It takes an immense amount of time and effort to coordinate our conference, webinars, training programs, newsletter, and the marketing that supports these; and our current volunteers are maxed out working on these initiatives. We need reinforcements!

If you have a passion for raising the public image of the industry,
the NRWA needs your energy and enthusiasm.

If I can find just a handful of members who could each spare five hours per month to devote to public image initiatives, we could accomplish great things! Please contact me at pastpresident@thenrwa.com and let me know you care – and that you are eager and available to help.

Michelle Dumas
Immediate Past President, NRWA and Chair, Public Image Committee

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2018 Writing Excellence Course - Three Sessions Available

“(Writing Excellence) is an incredible course that will significantly impact your career in writing. Get ready to learn and transform!”

That’s the feedback from one participant in the live Writing Excellence program, taught by Norine Dagliano.

Whether you’re looking to write resumes that stand out from the competition, build your confidence as a resume writer, or prepare for the Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) exam, this course is for you. The NRWA Writing Excellence course is designed to help professional resume writers boost the quality of their resumes and cover letters so their clients and students can land more interviews.

No matter where you are in your writing career — beginner, intermediate, or advanced — Norine customizes the program to help you develop the skills you need. This custom approach sets this live program apart from other resume writing training programs. Over the course of the 11 sessions, you will work to develop a strategy and write an actual resume and cover letter for a fictionalized client profile and target job announcement. You’ll receive custom feedback from working with a real candidate profile — this is real practice, not theory. You’ll learn from your colleagues — and Norine — while you refine your skills.

The only prerequisites for enrolling are an understanding of resume and cover letter fundamentals, a willingness to accept and apply critical feedback, and a desire to move your writing skills from mediocre to magnificent.

There will be three sessions available in 2018 of this live, instructor-led program. These are:

Note: The August session is an accelerated class, meeting twice a week for five weeks. The evening programs are the regular 11-week format.

Here is what just a few of her students have said:

If you’re interested in elevating the quality and content of the resumes and cover letters you write, you will want to participate in one of these upcoming sessions! Space is limited in each class, so register today.

Register here:

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Norine Dagliano at Norine@ekminspirations.com

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NRWA Seattle Conference - Consider joining us and donating a door prize!

Hello! I’m here to share a bit about the upcoming conference and ask for door prize contributions now, which will be distributed at the October NRWA Conference in Seattle on October 4-6, 2018.

Why you should plan to attend the conference:

The NRWA will soon begin to put the finishing touches on yet another stellar annual conference, hosted this year in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Each year, the conference is filled with so many outstanding presenters it’s hard to select which ones to attend!  I always make the conference a priority, because it…

Why you should consider donating a door prize:

You may never have considered donating a door prize or figure, “Why should I do that – I’m sure someone else will do so.” Donating a door prize is a great and easy way to get involved in the conference and yields many benefits.

How to donate:

Please send donation pledge ideas and questions to me at info@dreamlifeteam.com – I’ll share everything you need to know and make the process as easy as possible.

Your participation is sincerely appreciated!

Rebecca Bosl, 10X Certified Career Coach & Executive Resume Writer
Dream Life Team
Email: info@dreamlifeteam.com

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Affiliate Spotlight: Hertz® Car Rentals

By Ashley Watkins, Sponsor/Affiliate Relations Chair

Traveling for business or pleasure? Looking to rent a car for the NRWA Conference in October? The NRWA has partnered with Hertz® to provide you with great discounts on car rentals, Hertz® Gold Membership, upgrades, and more. These benefits apply in the U.S., Canada, and internationally, where permitted by law.

To access the discount link for great savings, rates, and membership with Hertz®, sign into your NRWA member account and find the link on the page link below:


Your discount will automatically be applied.

The next time you need to rent a car, take advantage of the negotiated savings!

About Affiliate Benefits:
NRWA’s Affiliate Partners offer job-search-related products that are not in direct competition with members, or they provide a service which could be valuable to NRWA members or their clients.

For more information, visit:

To learn more about becoming a part of The NRWA Affiliate Program, visit:

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Education Report

Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW, CEIP
NRWA Education Chair

We kicked off 2018 with part one of a two-part webinar discussing the latest and greatest regarding all things ATS presented by ProType/ProWrite’s Pat Criscito, then followed up with Business Resiliency (Strengthening to Face Business Issues), presented by Small Business Growth Coach Stan Washington.

The following upcoming webinars are designed to build your business and improve your skills:

Discounted registration pricing for future and past webinars is just one of the many benefits of being an NRWA member.  

Remember – if you can’t make the live presentation, no worries! We will send a recording link to everyone who registered, so you won’t miss a thing.

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NCRW Profile: Rebecca Bosl

By Bridget (Weide) Brooks

Rebecca Bosl is the latest NRWA member to receive the coveted Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) certification. She has been writing resumes since 2010 but started full time in business in December 2015. She is the owner of Dream Life Team. Rebecca primarily works with executives, providing them with career marketing documents and coaching for career discovery, branding, and job search. Rebecca has a 20-year background in corporate branding, along with three branding certifications. She also has several other career discovery coaching credentials and is using the NCRW as another credential to demonstrate her expertise.

Rebecca began the certification process in 2017 after a resume-writing friend she regularly conversed with shared that she received a few clients each month through her listing on the NRWA website as an NCRW. Even though she had been successfully serving clients for several years, Rebecca realized she could benefit from getting specific help to complete the certification process.

“I realized I learned my own way of writing and needed to re-learn the NCRW way — small differences — but I decided to do the formal training program (Writing Excellence – LINK) with Norine Dagliano. She is a gem — even if you think you’re already good, if you are self-trained, there are key components you could be missing if you don’t learn the proper techniques,” Rebecca said.

For colleagues considering pursuing certification, Rebecca adds, “It’s valuable to have more certifications and to be listed on the site. However, if you’ve never been formally trained in NCRW practices, take the time to go back and go through the course with Norine. I guarantee you’ll learn a few things to take your craft to a higher level — even if you’ve been writing for years. She really helped me up my game and was gracious and helpful.”

Rebecca currently serves on the programming committee for the 2018 NRWA Conference in Seattle, coordinating door prizes.

“This can be an isolating business — I work and live alone. I enjoy the camaraderie of chatting with the friends I have made in the organization. We share wins, tips, and techniques, and laugh together about things. The friendships I’ve made mean the most of all. Even though we are all competitors, it’s a big pie and there is an abundance of clients to go around for everyone.”

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NEW NCRWs in March

Sally McIntosh, NCRW - Certification Chair

Congratulations to the following members who completed the Writing Excellence training program and worked hard to earn their NCRWs in March.

Rebecca Bosl, NCRW
Dream Life Team

Michele Coneys, NCRW
REA – Partners in Transition

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New and Renewing Members

Welcome to our new and renewing members for the month of March 2018!  Feel free to introduce (or reintroduce) yourself on our Facebook page or the elist

Be sure to take this opportunity to network via our LinkedIn Group with other members of The NRWA and nonmembers who are career professionals.

Find colleagues in your area by searching here.

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