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March 2021

by Amanda Brandon - NRWA Newsletter Editor

Hi NRWA friends! I hope you are all thawing out from the coldest February I can remember. It seems that 2021 wants to compete with its younger sibling, 2020. However, like I said last month, I’m optimistic that spring and change are just around the corner.

On the personal front, my 6-year-old daredevil daughter (who broke her leg in December) is now running! She started walking much sooner than we anticipated—about the day we launched the last newsletter. That’s made life a bit easier. She’s been showing me all kinds of skills she can now master, such as yoga moves and balancing on one leg. It’s amazing the value of skills she’s finding in her recovery.

In this issue, that’s what we’re focusing on—value. Our articles focus on the value we provide our clients through our resume writing and our business operations. It’s important to remember that what you do matters. You could be the key to someone’s success, so here are some resources to help you share your value.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the new Watercooler format. I need your ideas as well! Please send them to me via email. Thank you for reading. Cheers!

Amanda Brandon

Pet Colleague
of the Month

Julia Mattern's cats in stock pots on a stove

Julia Mattern’s Kalani and Makana like to help her cook up new resume strategies! They have a regular strategy session before she makes soup for the week. Sometimes they fall asleep on the job. I guess it’s an occupational hazard of being in such a warm place!

Want your furry, fluffy, or scaly friend featured next month? Check for my post on Facebook the first Friday of the month OR email your photo and caption to me.

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What Happened on Social Media for NRWA Pros in February 
by Amanda Brandon - NRWA Newsletter Editor

The networking on our Facebook group blew up this month! I hope everyone is enjoying all the collaboration and getting value out of these interactions. I sure am!

Valuable Conversations: Here is the first of three conversations you may have missed on Facebook this month. Lots of value for growing your business! (The remaining conversations are available in the full article)

desktop workspace with computer, coffee, glasses, and files
  • There’s a great thread on the impending changes to LinkedIn ProFinderGo check it out here. One marketing alternative was to be the resume writer for LinkedIn Groups. I’m adding this to my weekly professional development hour. (More on this next month!)

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Feature Article: Promoting the Value of Hiring a Resume Writer in Your Initial Consultation 
by Donnella Tillery - NRWA Newsletter Assistant Editor

computer screen highlighting the word expertise

We've all been there—an initial discussion with a potential client about their resume, bio, or cover letter. You took the time to conduct an intake call, researched the new role or position they want to secure. You’ve created the contract and sent them an invoice for the deposit.

Then, a day or even a few hours later, you get a call or email, “I’ve decided to use a free resume service. Thank you for your insight.” For a professional resume writer, this is both disappointing and frustrating, not just because you lost the business but because you know your expertise could truly capture the person's talent and help them get to interviews faster.

So, what can we do about this problem? We need to spend more time selling the value we offer our clients. It’s overwhelming for a client to understand all the details—time, costs, process. But it’s essential to differentiate yourself from free services and other writers.

Here are five ways you can use your free consultation to sell your value to your clients:

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Jewels & Tools: Handy Resources for Marketing Your Business 
6 Ways Networking Cards Can Boost Your Clients’ Professional Poise
by Paul Bennett – NRWA Director of Member Support, New Business Owners

We create many tools for our clients: resumes… LinkedIn profiles… and of course, all the various letters – cover letters, thank you letters, inquiry letters, proposal letters; the list is long. And we provide many kinds of coaching: career planning, job search strategies, networking tactics, interview prep, salary negotiation, and the like.

computer screen highlighting the word expertise

But how many of us create networking cards? After surveying quite a few of our members’ websites, I’ve concluded that hardly any of our members do. But we shouldn’t overlook networking cards because although they’re small, they can be very useful.

Networking cards are not the same as business cards. Business cards market organizations, products, or services; networking cards market people – and smart people will circulate their cards both when they’re unemployed and when they’ve got a job. Doors to success can open unexpectedly!

So, what makes for a great networking card? Besides the obvious (being visually attractive and error-free), here are a few other considerations:

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The NCRW Corner: Why Having a Resume Objective is Essential 
by Norine Dagliano, NCRW – Grader and Writing Excellence Instructor

preparing resumes

Picture this: You grab your car keys, start the engine, open your GPS, and tap “Go.” After driving around aimlessly with no exact destination in mind, you run out of gas, and end the day certain that your GPS and car failed you.

That’s analogous to what happens every time you launch MS Word and begin composing a client’s resume without an objective.

“But wait,” you exclaim, “I thought it was obsolete to put an objective on a resume."

Let’s look at the evolution of the resume objective.

Click here to read the full article.

Member Spotlight: Donnella Tilery 
by Anne Anderson – NRWA Written Communications Committee Member

As the NRWA membership grows, so does the diverse range of skills we can offer. Please welcome new member Donnella Tilery! Donnella’s vibrancy and warmth come through immediately. It’s easy to see how clients are comfortable sharing their stories with her.

Donnella’s career began in New York’s digital publishing industry. She worked for several publishing houses, including John Wiley & Sons, working in scientific and medical divisions. She focused on training large corporate clients, such as Bristol Myers Squibb, on how to maximize the use of technical databases, products, and services. Her sales training and presentations skill took her across the country and overseas to the U.K., Asia, and Amsterdam.

Donnella Tilery photo

Donnella switched gears to focus on the fashion industry as more friends and colleagues asked to purchase items from her wardrobe. As she strengthened her sales skills and learned the industry’s back-office operations, she began building a business as an event producer. With her keen negotiation skills, she obtained corporate sponsorships from Coca-Cola and Lord & Taylor to found New Jersey Fashion Week, which is now more than 10 years old. She also manages and moderates career webinars for Fashion Group International.

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New & Renewing Members 

Welcome to our new and renewing members for the month of February 2021!
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By the numbers for the month of February:

  • 23 new members.
  • 30 renewing members
  • 3 new members from Florida.
  • 3 renewing members from Connecticut.
  • 2 new members from Western Nebraska Community College. 

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